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Safety for Schools

In today's world, ensuring the safety and security of students and staff in schools is of utmost importance. The Grant of Use SARA system is funded by third parties to the school district, so districts are not out any funds. You know as we do, with increasing incidents of violence and emergencies in schools, it is crucial to have a reliable and efficient system in place to respond quickly and effectively to any threat. This is where Status Solutions' Situational Awareness Response Assistant (SARA) comes in.

Partnered with GDT Global Data Technologies, Inc in a franchise agreement, Status Solutions is proud to offer its award-winning SARA platform to schools throughout the country. SARA is a life safety technology designed to improve emergency communication and response times. It allows staff to summon help from any web browser, discreetly and quickly and sends alerts via various devices, such as mobile phones and desktop computers.

One of the most critical features of SARA is its compliance with Alyssa's Law, a Florida statute that mandates the installation of panic alarms in every public and charter school. With SARA, schools can easily comply with this law and provide a safer environment for their students and staff.

The best part is that Status Solutions is offering to provide the SARA platform at no cost to any school district throughout the country that elects to receive this life safety technology. This generous offer demonstrates Status Solutions' commitment to ensuring schools have access to the best technology to enhance their safety and security.

If you're a school administrator looking to improve your school's safety and security, the SARA platform is an excellent solution. With SARA, you'll have a reliable system in place to respond quickly to any emergency, which can save lives and prevent harm. In conclusion, Status Solutions' Situational Awareness Response Assistant (SARA) is an award-winning, Alyssa's-Law-compliant, and free-of-charge platform designed to enhance school safety and communication. If you want this life safety technology, contact GDT Global Data Technologies, Inc. today to learn more about the best in school safety



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