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We provide command-center communications systems for schools, businesses, and government offices. Our award-winning, phone service has government-grade privacy encryption, internet fail-safe protection, and is super easy to use. Even better, it offers more configuration features than any other company, such as one-click lockdown for institutions and automatic call recording. You can now easily take full control of the safety and functionality of your business or organization, in a way no other communications provider does.

In a nutshell, we modernize and upgrade your organization to peak performance. Best of all, we do it without any upfront costs for equipment, installation, number porting, phone service activation, or training. 

  • In most cases, we reduce your phone bill.

  • Unlimited FREE software upgrades.

  • Unlimited long distance.

  • State-of-the-art phones are included.

  • From one to an unlimited number of phones.

  • Multi-location networking nationwide.

  • Schools, airports, and government offices.

  • ​​No upfront, add-on, or hidden costs.

  • Unlimited FREE training and support.

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Offering the Most Feature-Rich UCaaS VoIP Phone Systems Anywhere


Since 2014 Global Data Technologies has provided internet and multi-line VoIP phone solutions to a very happy customer base. Additionally, we can perform our services throughout the entire United States. We are in partnership with the backbone internet and VoIP phone service providers. Therefore, we are not just promoters of an individual phone product or internet service. More importantly, because we are partnered with so many internet and phone service providers, we can fit your company's needs with powerful and precise solutions and provide the best value for your dollar.


So, whether you operate a small establishment, needing more internet speed, or an administrative office needing an improved phone system, we meet those demands effectively. On the other hand, you may manage the IT for a major university, school district, or corporation needing several gigs of dedicated fiber. We are proud we can provide fiber at a better rate than what is typically expected. With us, it is all about providing the ideal solution for your internet and phone service needs. Moreover, we can network multiple locations with a system that is so tight you would think you are in the same office as the people in other locations.


Often, even after we upgrade your service, you pay less with us than with your current carrier, and you pay nothing to get started, nothing for phones, installation, or training. In a nutshell, we upgrade your internet and replace your old phone system with new, advanced UCaaS VoIP phones and phones service. And it is so much more than just phones it is a complete communications command center. Therefore, you will experience the same, enterprise-grade, command center quality VoIP system used by companies like Chevrolet, Allstate Insurance, and Domino's Pizza. 

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