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We are sellers of over 200 major VoIP, internet and telecom services. So, we are not married to just one company. That means, our loyalty is to you. We don't have a particular product we push.  So, we are focused solely on your needs and what's best for you. Our objective is to provide the solution that fits your organization's needs precisely. Such an approach results in you getting your exact requirements met at the best value possible. Most people spend less with us than with their current carrier.  Even if you stay with your current carrier you will often get a better deal for letting us evaluate your service. Frequently, we can get you an upgrade for about the same or less than what you currently pay. Above everything, we are paid by the carrier, so you don't spend anything to have us on your team.

  • In most cases, we reduce your phone bill.

  • Unlimited FREE software upgrades.

  • Unlimited long distance.

  • State-of-the-art phones are included.

  • From one to an unlimited number of phones.

  • Multi-location networking nationwide.

  • Schools, airports, and government offices.

  • ​​No upfront, add-on, or hidden costs.

  • Unlimited FREE training and support.

Fiber Internet Plus UCaaS Command Center Phone Systems 


We are a great choice whether you operate a small establishment, that needs new phones and more internet speed. Or perhaps,  you manage the IT for a major university, ISD, or a giant corporation, we provide the ideal solution to fit your needs. Since 2014 Global Data Technologies has provided internet and multi-line VoIP phone solutions to a very happy customer base. What's more, our support and training are U.S.-based and are available nationwide 24/7. Further, we provide unlimited onsite training as needed. 


Global Data Technologies provides command-center-style unified communications systems for schools, businesses, and government offices. Our award-winning, phone service has government-grade privacy encryption, internet fail-safe protection, and is super easy to use. Even better, it offers more configuration features than any other system or service. For example, it has one-click lockdown for institutions and automatic call recording, and 38 other critical features. You now can easily take full control of the safety and functionality of your business or organization. In a nutshell, we modernize and upgrade your organization to peak performance. Best of all,  there are no upfront costs at all. The plain truth is, we provide service and performance like no other. 

With the everything plan, there is no cost for you to get started, nothing for phones, equipment, installation, support, or training. The great fact is, we simplify your future. So, we make it easy for you to enjoy the quality, reliability, and modern functionality of enterprise-grade communications. It is easy to find out if we can make things better for you, just complete the information below or call 325-340-4032. 

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