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Terms and Conditions 



Termination is only valid if the customer chooses to purchase the equipment outright from the respective leasing company. It is the responsibility of the account holder to notify Global Data Technologies of cancellation via email. Those can be sent to with the subject line reading, “Cancellation of Service” followed by the respective businesses name. Returning hardware, transferring numbers away, or the stopping of payment does not constitute notification of cancellation. Global Data Technologies reserves the right to hold the business numbers until both the leased equipment is paid in full, to the respective leasing company, and the service agreement comes to term with Global Data Technologies. For customers who cancel service within an active service term, the following charges will apply:  

  1. Cancellations within 72 hours of order placement (initial quote signed) will not be subject to penalty. Cancellations requested before the installation or activation date and after 72 hours from the initial order placement will be subject to a processing fee. There are no associated penalties for orders canceled by Global Data Technologies due to technical issues or funding issues.  

  2. If termination occurs during the term of the agreement, you shall be liable for (a) all outstanding nonrecurring fees plus (b) 100% of the Monthly Fees for each month, if any, remaining in the Initial term owed to the leasing company, plus (c) the remaining amount owed on the service contract with Global Data Technologies.   

  3. If termination occurs after the initial term with the respective leasing company, you should be liable for (a) all outstanding nonrecurring fees, plus (b) 100% of the current month's service charge.  

All customers terminated for any reason are liable for any and all outstanding funds due to Global Data Technologies at the time of service termination, including but not limited to rendered service, hardware, and installation fees.  

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