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   Offering the Most Feature-Rich VoIP Phone Systems and Hosted PBX Anywhere

Since 2014 Global Data Technologies has provided internet and multi-line phone solutions to a very happy customer base. Additionally, we can perform our services throughout the entire United States. Moreover, we are in partnership with the backbone internet and phone service providers. Therefore, we are not just promoters of an individual phone product or internet service. More importantly, because we are partnered with multiple internet and phone service providers, we can fit your company's needs with powerful and precise solutions.


So, whether you operate a small establishment, needing more internet speed, or an administrative office needing an improved phone system, we meet those demands effectively. On the other hand, you may manage a major corporation needing a full gig of dedicated fiber internet, we can provide fiber at a better rate than you might expect. With us, it is all about providing the ideal solution for your internet and phone service needs. Additionally, we can network multiple locations with a system that is so tight you would think you are in the same office as the other locations.


More amazingly, often you pay less with us than with your current carrier, and you pay nothing to get started, nothing for phones, installation, or training. In a nutshell, we upgrade your internet and replace your old phone system with new, advanced quality VoIP phones. Therefore, you will experience the same, enterprise quality,  and feature-rich VoIP system used by companies like Chevrolet, Lamborghini, and Domino's Pizza. In fact, this is the same VoIP system AT&T chose for its corporate enterprises, even though it is not an AT&T service, and I am sure you would agree, that is a pretty strong indicator of just how superior our telecommunications service and systems are. 

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