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What are the typical VoIP savings? Comparred to traditional phones, the average savings businesses see after switching to a VoIP system range anywhere from 30% to 50%.


If one already has Voip the increase productivity with the Stratus cloud is estimated to add 7% more efficiency than other systems.


Under most contions we will reduce your overall monthly expenses.

The basic training of the system requires fewer than 9 minutes. Consequently, costs of training new hires is reduced consirably.

The ease of use allows companies to utilize features they had previously been unable to use on other system because of the prior complexity of of using the older sysyems.

Studies show a distinctive improvement in the company image the customer perceives, thereby increasing sales overall volume. 

As long as you have a high-speed internet connection, you'll experience high-quality voice calls with 99.9% connection uptime. 

If a phone breaks or is destroyed unintentionally we will replace it no questions asked. 

Ongoing support and training as needed. 

You get the pride of having the same quality Lamborgini and Ferrari use. It's as if your getting Lamorgini of telecom.

The IT department and executives at AT&T chose this system when they obviously could have chosen any including their own, why? Based on their vast knowledge they knew it was the highest quality to increase productivity and increase bottom-line. 

It is a much more user friendly phone. Your employes will appreciate the ease and convenience. 

Reduces conflict because it can be set to auto record calls, the recordings an be easily retrived.

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