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FCC Mandate Epoch Changes In Telecom

There are 40 million copper lines i.e. plain old telephone services (POTS) in the U.S. They are pertinent for phone, emergency, and life support access for millions of people and organizations. In August 2019, the FCC issued order 19-72A1, mandating that all U.S. POTS lines get replaced with an alternative service by August 2, 2022. Additionally, the FCC found that the public interest is no longer served by maintaining the old protective regulatory obligations for copper lines. As a result of the FCC’s new order, carriers are no longer going to be providing POTS service or support.

Of course, carriers have already been slowly attempting to discourage continued use of the copper services, by increasing pricing, not renewing contracts, and ending maintenance and support of copper. For example, Verizon gave notice that customers who don’t migrate to IP and fiber-based services by April 30, 2022, will be disconnected. Above all, there is another scary fact: you don’t have to use a particular carrier to be affected immediately. That’s because the nationwide telecommunication network is a maze of cable systems operated by different carriers. Consequently, each carrier shares, sells, and leases services to other carriers. So, eliminating copper service by one carrier will affect others. Therefore, in reality, you could easily lose your service by getting caught in the crosshairs of your carrier sharing lines with another.

It is pretty clear that now is the time to make your plan to eliminate any copper reliant communication systems, and the great fact is, it needs to be really quick. To make matters worse, many will delay making the change till the last minute resulting in excessive orders unable to be serviced in a timely fashion. Regretfully, many will be without service, some will be disconnected for lengthy periods. And, of greatest importance, the key areas that will feel the impact are the lines for life support, fire safety, medical and educational institutions along with 911 access.

That being said, it is a must to engage knowledgeable technology consultants to pinpoint your needs along with the dates and times to effectively transition. Our technology professionals will, at no cost, evaluate your situation quickly and make sane and sound recommendations for your transition plan. Therefore, you will be ready for the tide of epoch changes taking place in telecom. My number is 325-340-4032.


Thomas Baker

CEO Global Data Technologies, Inc.


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