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The Future Of Reliability and Internet Speed

Fiber connections rarely have interruptions and are not affected by weather elements that can affect copper or cable. Another big aspect of why to use fiber is efficiency, since fiber is made of glass and transmits light, data can travel long distances in a short amount of time, reducing latency and delayed connectivity.

▪Speed- Fiber offers speeds from 50 megabytes to 1 gigabit (1000 megabytes) for business connections.

▪Infrastructure- Most providers are eliminating copper connections and moving networks to fiber. The advancement of fiber has led to providers reducing copper improvements or repair. Private Connection Shared Connection Higher bandwidth requirements For smaller businesses needing a quality connection Increased security On network with other businesses Service Level Agreement (SLA) Best effort on speeds depending on traffic Increased reliability Good reliability compared to DSL or copper Symmetrical speeds (download and upload) Asymmetrical speeds (varies on amount of traffic) Premium price Competitive pricing for a quality product Business Needs DIA (Direct Internet Access or Dedicated) Broadband Fiber Investment

▪The current copper infrastructure is outdated and has been in the ground for decades.

▪No major upgrades or replacements are being done due to phasing out.

▪Investments in fiber has steadily increased due to technology demands.

▪Demand for fiber is going to increase and pricing has come down significantly.


▪Now affordable compared to cable and other connections.

▪Investment for your business to operate without interruption and loss of revenue. Internet Usage Today Ask yourself what you use the internet for at your business, you may be surprised! 


For example: Accounting and Invoicing, Credit Cards, Information Resources, Guest Wifi, TV or Streaming, Digital Menus, VoIP Phones, Communication with customers (email, appts), Registration and Secure Information





Global Data Technologies is a direct partner for Windstream, AT&T, and Frontier which means all orders and contracts are written through the provider. We offer access to technical support resources and a dedicated operations team to provide order updates and processing. Everything we do is customized to be sure it fulfills your exact needs. We are a Stratus VoIP phone service provider we also have the ability to provide phone solutions through Windstream, SpectrumVoIP, AT&T Broadvoice, Allworx or Frontier. So, we are your support and first call if assistance is needed! Further, we are dedicated to being your partner in making your business run efficiently, and increasing your technology, now and for the future. You may ask why fiber, it is simple reliability.

Fiber Internet Solutions for Your Business

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