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Voice and Collaboration

  • Easy to use

  • Productivity gains

  • Efficient cost structure


AT&T Video - Audio - Web

This flexible solution blends voice, video, IM, and conferencing—and makes them function like one. Ready for the power of collaboration?


A hosted voice and collaboration service that allows you to use multiple devices and applications, all from a single phone number. It's a cohesive service that integrates your voice, video, web, and messaging tools. 

AT&T Collaborate™ includes more than 30 hosted voice features, including mobile client, call forwarding, three-way calling, auto attendant, music on hold, and more. Four seperate add-on options are avaliable that include all basic features.

Simple communications with the features you want


  • Add and change calling features yourself

  • Assign features based on need or function. Pay only for what you need.

  • For mobility add the ability to integrate mobility to your office.

  • Keep you office number



  • Share information via desktop

  • Integrate with mobile devices



Most days, your goal is a simple one: to help everyone communicate and collaborate happily and productively. This includes your employees, who are looking for similar communications tools and applications in the office and on the road, regardless of the type of device they might use. In fact, everyone wants to be able to speak to colleagues or clients and collaborate with off-site associates in the same manner.

What if you could simplify your communications, all the while getting everything you need today and allowing room for future growth?

You can do just that with a unified communications (UC) and collaboration solution like AT&T Collaborate. This flexible hosted voice solution gives you the traditional voice features you need and the collaboration tools you want, regardless of work location.

Get ready to accelerate communications and collaboration


The right UC collaboration tool can help your business grow and scale quickly by allowing you to rapidly modify the size and scope of your communications solution. This flexibility helps position you to react to seasonal needs or spikes in your business, thanks to features such as:

  • Conferencing, web meetings, and employee availability unified in one application

  • Cloud-based telephony features such as hunt groups, auto attendant, and single-voice voicemail

  • Mobile app for most operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows)

  • Availability to use on virtually any device

  • Single number reach for both fixed and mobile users

  • Security and business continuity


The employee and organizational benefits add up quickly as you:

  • Collaborate more effectively – Conveniently meet whenever, wherever, and however, whether formally or impromptu. You and your team can share documents to foster ideas while working together from different locations in one seamless experience.

  • Get moving – Your employees can turn their personal phones into business phones for more flexibility. Workers on-the-go can become more accessible, and when they use their own devices in the workplace they can create both personal and business profiles.

  • Work faster – Your employees will have everything they need at their fingertips. With features like chat, voice, video, and desktop sharing, information is conveyed more quickly so employees, partners, prospects, and customer interactions are simpler and more meaningful.

  • Improve your bottom line – With the ability to provide a cloud based telephony, it’s easy to add or change services across fixed and mobile devices, based on your needs. You can reduce travel expenses and overhead by using collaboration tools to meet and work remotely.​​


With a solution like AT&T Collaborate, it’s easy to access your corporate network from virtually anywhere, anytime, over nearly any device – and that includes desktop phones, tablets, smartphones, or computers What’s more, you can maximize investments with integrated voice, web, and video capabilities that can scale as needed.

Simply put, sometimes all it takes is one solution to enable you to communicate more efficiently and bring you the tools you need to help increase productivity. And, because your employees will have increased availability to deal with customer needs, you can potentially anticipate a boost in customer satisfaction.


Click here to find out more about our partnership with Broadvoice and alternative VoIP Business Solutions.

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