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Phone Systems

Take your business communications to the next level with
Global Data Technologies and our
superior phone systems.



When it comes to effective communication, every second counts.

That's why GDT has partnered with many leading providers. And, above all, our function is to bring you the very best in telecommunications innovations and service. As you know, telephones are a crucial part of every business and organization. 


Furthermore, ease of use and simplicity of training vary depending on the staff and their level of expertise with communication systems. For example, a technology company will need a different phone system than a bank will require. Therefore, ultimately the objective is having the correct phone system for the personnel using it and level of security and safety needed. With our technologies, we can provide you the ideal system to provide more productivity. We make effective communication more efficient.

Phone Systems

We Provide the Most Features in the Industry

Multi-Line Voip Phones By Yealink & SpectrumVoIP

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Our call recording feature you will have complete access to all calls made and received for your business. Determine who is allowed to review call recordings, specify by user which calls can be recorded and even pause or turn off the feature if it is no longer needed. Call recordings can help improve training and quality control by having access to everything that is said over the phone at your business.
Unlimited Local & Long Distance In every SpectrumVoIP plan, Unlimited local and long distance calling to all 50 United States and Canada is included. If international calling is needed, SpectrumVoIP offers competitive International calling rates.
3-Way Conferencing is a quick and easy way to connect an additional party to your existing call. While on a live call, press the conference button and dial the desired party. Once the 3-Way conference is initiated you can join the two parties by hanging up your handset.
Every SpectrumVoIP desk phone supports Active Directory Integration via the LDAP protocol. This integration allows you to have a single source of user information that is pushed to the desk phone and is always in sync with the Active Directory server.
With admin rights to the web portal, you’ll have access to user management, auto attendant management, monitor/coach/join, music on hold customization, call recording review, call analytics and user reporting.
Monitor/Coach/Barge Allows call center managers or administrators to interact with their agents in three ways. First, Monitor connects the manager to join an active phone call as a “fly on the wall” enabling the user to listen to the conversation of the caller, agent or employee without interruption. Second. Coaching links the manager to the employee or agent’s call without notifying the customer. Third, Barge creates an instant three-way conference call. This can be utilized to assist with collaborating with other agents, closing a sale or lead and collecting accurate information or data. All three functions can be activated by dialable phone code or via the stratus manager portal.
Is a user-friendly historical record of all call activity. Each CDR contains call duration and can be sorted by categories like inbound & outbound calls, missed calls and extension to extension calling. All is accessible via the stratus manager portal, stratus mobile application and web-based softphone.
Increases visibility for inbound calling patterns and agent performance metrics.
Each call routing feature in the SpectrumVoIP system can be programmed to route automatically to an alternative destination. You can select alternative destinations like extensions, auto attendants, call queues or even external numbers. One example, you can simply route calls to your mobile phone after a period of time and never miss a call.
Caller ID is also known as Caller ID name and number. Typically the Caller ID name is the name of your business and Caller ID number is your main business line. The SpectrumVoIP system allows you to control the Caller ID name and number transmitted on outbound calls, providing the flexibility to display different information depending on the call type.
There are times when you have VIP customers that need special attention. With Caller ID Routing, you can direct these customers to a specialized group of users to handle their specific needs. You can also route calls directly to customized messages or block unwanted callers.
Company Directory SpectrumVoIP provides a cloud-based Company Directory service, where contacts can be grouped (by department, location, etc.) and all are searchable by name. Simply provide our team with your existing contact list and we’ll handle the rest or you can host the file yourself.
Conference bridging connects fifteen or more attendees simultaneously. Each attendee can join the conference by calling into a secured bridge with a unique conference ID and PIN. You can also configure a bridge to notify an attendee’s entrance by announcement or tone. Conference Bridge calls can be recorded.
All SpectrumVoIP customers are provided with standard hold music and the ability to load custom hold music. Anything from “sold on hold” to holiday music can be uploaded. You can also create a music on hold playlist that can be set to play shuffled or in order.
  • Call Recording

  • Unlimited Local & Long Distance

  • 3-Way Conferencing

  • Active Directory Integration (LDAP)

  • Admin Web Portal

  • Barge

  • Blacklisting

  • Call Analytics

  • Call Routing Failover

  • Caller ID

  • Caller ID Routing

  • Company Directory

  • Conference Bridge

  • Custom Hold Music

Call Forwarding On our platform, call forwarding not only includes the ability to forward inbound calls to a 10-digit number (which is typical of most platforms and systems), but also the ability to forward to another extension, auto attendant, or call queue. Users can forward calls through our portal or by entering a code from the phone itself.
There are times when your customers can’t remember your extension, but they do recall your name. Dial by name allows your customer to enter the first three letters of your first or last name to reach you.
Direct numbers available to any user or customer. They are numbers that are associated with an extension - it’s like having your own personal number. Direct numbers are also known as Direct Inward Dial or DIDs.
Email to fax allows you to use a standard email client to send outbound faxes. Such as Office 365, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc. Simply attach a PDF to an email and send it to
Extension dialing allows you to call a three or four digit number to connect with your colleague or agents. You can even extension dial to users at different locations geographically.
Have you ever received a junk fax from a solicitor? Fax to email solves this headache, by creating a digital copy in your email that allows you to choose when to save or print your document; thus saving paper, toner and ink.
Have you ever dedicated valuable office or desk resources to an outside sales team? How often do they actually use their desks? With Hot Desking, it allows a user or agent to have a shared office experience with all of the resources needed without dedicating a desk to a user.
Intercom is a fast way to create a hands free call to a co-worker’s desk phone. This is useful when you need to quickly ask questions, determine availability or announce a guest.
Paging is a one way broadcast to all phones at single location. Every SpectrumVoIP phone is set up to accept paging from all other internal extensions. If you have an overhead paging system, we can integrate this into your SpectrumVoIP service.
Portal contacts is a user-friendly display of all your individual contacts. This includes, internal extensions and external contacts. All contacts can be grouped by departments or selected as favorites for quick and easy sorting. While viewing your contacts list, a status indicator displays availability of all internal extensions. If you need to add a contact outside the SpectrumVoIP system, simply import them from any device. While navigating the web portal, the contacts pop-up is available for quick access to contacts on any page in the portal.
Presence monitoring allows each user to view the status of another user. You can see presence in the Manager Portal, the Mobile application and your desk phone. Presence is shown on your desk phone by configurable status indicator lights or BLF.
Redialing allows you to call back a number from a list of recently placed calls. This is triggered with a single press of the Redial button on the SpectrumVoIP handset. If you’d like to redial the last number called, double-tap the redial button.
An auto attendant is a virtual receptionist allowing callers to enter extensions, departments, and access the Dial-by-Name Directory. Configuration of an Auto Attendant is easy with our user friendly online web portal or by calling our support staff. Make changes at a moment’s notice to meet your business’s ever expanding needs.
Custom Greetings All greetings within the SpectrumVoIP system can be customized to meet your requirements. Greetings like, Voicemail, Auto-Attendant and Call Queues.
  • Call Forwarding

  • Dial by Name

  • Direct Numbers

  • Email to Fax

  • Extension Dialing

  • Fax to Email

  • Hot Desking

  • Intercom

  • Paging

  • Portal Contacts

  • Presence Monitoring

  • Redial

  • Unlimited Auto Attendants

  • Custom Greetings

Dial by extension is a quick and easy way to call your agents or colleagues with a three or four digit extension number. These extensions can be dialed at anytime or you can bypass an auto-attendant to connect directly to your desired party.
A ring group is a call delivery method that allows you to ring several users simultaneously. This is helpful when calls need to be answered quickly anywhere in the office. Even in the breakroom.
Even if your business receives 100 simultaneous calls. You can queue them up in line and let them know expected hold time, send the overflow to voicemail, or just let freedom ring. Or if you are old-fashioned, go ahead and play that pesky busy signal so they hang up and leave you alone. Because who needs customers? View All Features
Is a user-friendly historical record of all call activity. Each Call Data Record (CDR) contains call duration and can be sorted by categories like inbound & outbound calls, missed calls and extension to extension calling. All is accessible via the stratus manager portal, stratus mobile application and web-based softphone.
Voicemail Notification The voicemail notification appears on all devices connected to your extension. In the Web Portal and Stratus Mobile application, this is displayed as a badge notification and a blinking red light on your desk phone.
Voicemail to email can be configured to automatically send an email with the voicemail audio file attached. Voicemail to email can be set to remain on your device, desk phone and email or programmed to be instantly removed from all locations other than email. This allows users to manage voicemail from one place. If you’re on the go, voicemails can be automatically transcribed and read via the manager portal, mobile app and email.
You get phone systems that are easy to use and manageable online, allowing you to focus your attention on what really matters: your business.
Shared line appearance (key system emulation) allows multiple phone to share the same line. When shared, it allows a user to easily place a call on hold, pick up a held call or move between calls with a simple press of an illuminated button.
Is a user-friendly historical record of all call activity. Each CDR contains call duration and can be sorted by categories like inbound & outbound calls, missed calls and extension to extension calling. All is accessible via the stratus manager portal, stratus mobile application and web-based softphone.
Custom schedules allow businesses to create conditional call routing such as business hours, holidays, inclement weather and vacation schedules. These time-based schedules can be used to activate different “custom messages” like after hours or out of office greetings. Administrators can set holidays, in advance, for the entire year and only do it once. So you can set it and forget it!
SpectrumVoIP offers many different ways to access your voicemail messages. Keep connected if you miss a call with your voicemails being delivered over email or just simply view them online through the portal. With additional features such as transcription and persistent notification you'll feel confident in never missing a voicemail again.
  • Dial by Extension

  • Unlimited Ring Groups

  • Unlimited Rollover Lines

  • User Web Portal

  • Voicemail Notification

  • Voicemail to Email

  • Web Portal

  • Shared Line Appearance

  • Speed Dial

  • Time-Based Schedules

  • Visual Voicemail

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